Advantages of doing Sane Yog Asan

Advantages of doing Sane Yog Asan

A Beautiful Gymnast

In today’s commercialized world every thing has been commercialized right from food, to house and everything that is related to our day to day survival, there is absolutely nothing wrong in commercialization, commercialization has made our life easier and meaningful, but commercialization to the point of insanity is something to really worry about.

Commercialization has affected our exercise regime too, today we have gym everywhere charging heavily and we have yoga classes everywhere, they will frighten you by saying yoga should not be done in absence of a Guru (corporate guru) all of them are scared of the books and DVDs available in the market, more importantly and rather say unfortunately yoga classes have become more of classes for gymnastic rather than Yogasan.

Difference between Yogasan and  Gym or Gymnast is that Yogasan can be done by 3 year old child to a 100 year old man, but it will be totally wrong to say that this is the only difference. Yogasan means balance in the approach of various posture of the body.

Aim of the person doing Yogasan should not be to have muscles and it should not be ability to bend like rubber rather it is about using your own body weight to stretch your body, which will in turn stretch your veins, your muscles, your bones, you will breath a little faster hence your lungs will be exercised, to compensate for your breath your heart will beat faster so your blood will rush through your veins hence your kidneys will have to work a little extra and the list just goes on, various internal organs will be exercised but all this will not be coming as a shock to the body as we have just made a little effort, and not the effort of sort of body builder or gymnast. Gymnast and Bodybuilding are good only at young ages.

So Yogasan is not only about breathing heavily in order to get oxygen, if your ownly concern is stretching as much as you can then you should immediately realise that you are doing Gymnastic and not Yogasan.



 We the being are outcome of various input which ranges from air we breathe which consist of Nitrogen, Oxygen, CO2 and various other gases to water we drink, to the food that we eat.

Unfortunately we are being made to believe that only Modern Medicine are cure to all our problem, Ayurveda is cure to all our problem or Yogasan is the cure of all our problem. Which is not the case, the problem is that our ruler are presently devils, the day we will have King like Ram we will realise how rich our culture was and is.


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