Ahinsa Doesn’t mean to become Coward

Today when we talk about Ahinsa most people think that’s its a coward person favourite word  as the word  has been presented in such a negative way. It appears that only frightened person follow the path of it and the worst part is the english translation of the same, which translate it as practicising non-violence.  Ahinsa is more internal than external.

In Bhagwat Geeta though Lord Krishna continuously ask Arjun to follow the path of Ahinsa and be a Sadhu but at the same time he also ask him to be a Khastriya and execute all his enemies. Sounds confusing isn’t it?

The same thing Arjuna tells to Krishna why are you making me confused.  Also in his own life time Shri Krishna has executed many human with evil deeds i.e. Asur. So he is practicing hinsa but preaching ahinsa.

So the word No War or No execution Non Violence can never be Ahinsa. So what it is? Infact, the word that can come close to the meaning of Ahinsa is actually Non Hatred. If you don’t hate somebody than you can’t hurt him without a scenario such as war or someother thing, and when you don’t hate somebody you can do better reasoning.

Unfortunately people use it to hide their incapability and translated it to the ideal condition of no war and no execution. You have to take a balance approach, not everyone understands the language of Love. Some people imagine of a world with absolute non violence. It is indeed a hypothetical situation which has never been possible in this planet and will never ever be possible in future.

When Gandhi talked about it he eventually meant the same as he didn’t want Indians to hate Britishers. Still he kept fighting the Britishers with his ideologies, through agitation as he was very well aware that Indians don’t have the military might to take on the Britishers. As when we had the kings who had the military failed in 1857 in the war. But at the same time he also did asked Indian young men to participate and help the Britishers in the world wars.  OM

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