Arvind Kejriwal Repeats History

Arvind Kejriwal Repeats History

Arvind Kejriwal

 Arvind Kejriwal 

Yes, Arvind Kejriwal has done what has been done many times, a common man challenging the mighty King. Don’t you remember how Shri Ram executed the Ravan? Shri Ram tries several ways in order to make Ravan understand that war is not the solution. He offered a peaceful solution and ask him to handover Sita but Ravan ridiculed him. Similarly, Arvind tried to make these political party understand to handover the corrupt practices but they laughed at him.

Ravan insisted that a common man with few monkeys can’t challenge the might of his army. Just as the national parties of India were saying that Arvind with few of his followers can’t challenge us.

They said, “now since Arvind Kejriwal has made his party he will realise the cost of Wheat and lentils. Now Arvind will realise gathering money for party funding is not easy”. He proved them wrong he gathered exactly the same amount of money which they can spend legally on their candidates by means of his good deeds.


They ridiculed him saying that few men with no criminal background can’t stand the might of their goons. This same incident was also repeated in Mahabharatha where Duryodhana refuses to give any land to Pandavas stating that his army is mightier than Pandavs. Similar to the Indian politician. Duryodhana tried everything to belittle the Pandavas. He tried to undress their wife, similar to the various paid news published in the leading TV channels and by leading publishing houses to defame the Aam Aadmi Party, but even after all this Arvind succeeded.


Kalki, the avatar of Vishnu

I admire Arvind Kejriwal because of his strategies. His capability to withdraw his own decisions and rethink about it. For eg: he asked for “jail भरो आंदोलन ” but he was quick to roll back it. Similarly, he told about not to take any support from Congress or BJP but he changed his decision with time and with a style  ” सांप भी मर जाये और लाठी भी ना  टूटे “. In Bhagavad Gita, Shri Krishna tells Shri Arjun that ” विजेता कि  नीति मैं हूँ ” i.e. if you want to be victorious then you will have to plan for it. Arvind Kejriwal is a perfect example of it, for me, he is the Kalki, the avatar of Vishnu.

Even though Arvind Kejriwal has won the first battle. He has just executed the Meghnath but there is a long way to go “जख्मी शेर और भी खतरनाक होता है “Ravan is still alive and roaring. It is just Delhi now. It has to spread all across India and set an example of Ram Rajya as done by Shri Ram. Om 🙂



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