Ayurveda & Corruption In Ayurveda

Ayurveda & Corruption In Ayurveda


Ayurveda & Corruption in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is largely promoted as a purely herbal as they say “Ayurveda is natural as it if from herbs” by our reputed MNCs but the fact is that Ayurveda is not just about herbs, only herbs are not part of nature, everything in this universe is a part of nature. 

It believes in using everything that is available in nature to the best possible matrix so as to solve the human miseries regarding health. This includes use of Minerals(like Mica), Metals(eg: Mercury), Animal extracts( milk, urine, Ghee), Animal body part (Musk Deer) and last but not least Herbs. In the case of herbs(Ashwagandha) the various combination and treatment so as to make them more effective(Kesari Leghyam, Ashwagandharishtha, Ashwagandha ghreeta).

Use of Metal in Ayurveda

Mercury & other metals are not bad if used as per proper text of Ayurveda. In Ayurveda mercury-based medicine is been prepared for more than 5000 years. Mercury is treated with sulfur at a certain temp and at the same time some herbs are also added hence making HgS compatible to the human body. Though it is not as easy as it seems. It must have required years of constructive research by our ancestor to find the right herb for a particular metal to make the metal compatible to the human body.

Ayurvedic drugs like Chywanprash and Liv 52 have heavy metals such as Abhrak Bhasm which is Potassium aluminium phyllosilicate i.e. Mica and iron rust i.e. ferrous oxides (Mandur Bhasma) respectively as well as other forms of Bhasma, but manufacture promote them as pure herbal drugs, as the public generally don’t read the ingredients with much attention.

Ayurveda must have been a very advanced medical science.  Unfortunately today it is very scattered, the exact time of its invention is not known. Though some so-called expert will say it’s about 5000 years old but it may be much older. Some so-called PHDs will say that Ayurveda is mere alchemy, but they are just ignorant. Ayurveda uses Pure mercury, Pure Sulfur, Pure Copper, Pure Arsenic and many other Metals & minerals. This simple fact shows that they were not only advanced in terms of Medical Science but also Engineering Sciences as well as geology.

They knew where the mines are available. What is the method of obtaining pure metal from their ore? Ayurveda is capable of doing things which people can’t even imagine today, but it’s not magic it’s Science “Medical Science”, which was called Ayurved in Sanskrit.

Documentation of Ayurveda Books

With time various medical experts (Vaidya) of the ancient Indian kingdom has rewritten the original texts of Ayurveda. As per Indian constitution, 54 Ayurvedic book has been recognised.  Same medicine can be prepared by 54 different ways. All of them can’t be right & this shows how scattered ancient science is today. There are many missing links as I have discussed how smritisagar ras made out of Rasyog sagar and Lithium works on me.

People in the intermediate era were very conscious about the quality. Which can be easily observed in the text available in the intermediate era. They have mentioned various test for checking the quality of these drugs with the limited sources available.

Today some so-called Ayurvedic Expert will put a board in front of his clinic “Treatment Of Chronic Diseases”. It’s a mere trap, to fool you up. As mostly the hopeless fellow for whom there is no treatment or some people who suffer from a minor problem such as dandruff, indigestion & acne walks in his clinic.

Ayurveda Quacks flourishing

Unfortunately today the population of these hopeless is pretty large. If you consider the %age of these hopeless people in the Indian population to be around 10%. It accounted for almost 12 crore people. Which is a pretty large market. More than the population of Germany.

Even the so-called reputed Indian ayurvedic firms have joined this business. Instead of doing constructive research, people are busy in making money by making a false claim. They will give you a false assurance that the Ayurvedic med takes time. Whereas the truth is that if the ayurvedic medicine is good enough, then it acts much faster compared to so-called Modern Science.

You will never find an Ayurvedic expert who will also write the name of the textbook with the medicine.  Fact is that the textbooks matter a lot. The same drug of different Pharma company will have different composition due to different textbook referred by them. The choice is made based upon the drug which will cost the company the least manufacturing cost.

Why  corrupt practices are blossoming

Department of Ayush responsible for the growth of Ayurveda is a corrupt organisation. Managed by the person who lacks vision. In the last 5 years, 40000000000 Rs i.e. Rs 4000 Crore Rs were spent on it.

When I filed an RTI to know how many time drug analyser are checking the medicine of the manufacturing site in the last 4 years. I came to knew that in the last 4 years it was never done, but I never got a written reply. Verbally I was informed about it.

It doesn’t end here. When I reported the same to Mr Gaur (Central Drug Inspector, AYUSH), he told me that in Ayurveda there are no tests for Herbominerals.  Fact is that there are many tests which have been mentioned in the ancient text & which has been recognised under AYUSH.

As per law even if there is some drug for which there is no standard test as per ancient text than for those drugs test should be performed to analyse the content of the drug as per the information on the label. Equipment like XRF can be used to do the analysis of various herbo-mineral medicine.

No Ayurvedic Brand can be trusted

Companies such as Baidyanath Jhansi, are making the metallic drug. But they don’t check the purity of raw materials even if they are metal. Suppose to form Kajjalli (HgS) they require 100 gm mercury and 100 gm sulfur. If mercury is 99.9 % pure and sulfur is 98 % pure than almost 2gm mercury will remain unreacted & can cause havoc, even the official know this but they are not acting.

Now for the next 5 years, the same amount has been increased to Rs 47500 Crore. Might be because it is safe ground for corruption. Ayurvedic companies are selling the herbo mineral preparation as Herbal medicine, this the reason they have been banned in Europe.

Demotivated Employees

Even after complaining, though they agree that I am right but they are not willing to do anything. I went to CCRAS but useless. Deputy Director CCRAS, Mr. M.M Padhi is taking home Rs 1,60,000 per month to his home. But not doing anything & tells me that Ayurveda is going to vanish in next 20 to 30 years. Hilarious isn’t the person responsible for the growth of Ayurveda talking like this.

Mr Janardhan Pandey, he is the Joint Advisor Ayurveda. Tells me that he is helpless as per law. He was fooling me around. As per law, he has the power to stop the production of an ayurvedic firm if he found it to be harmful.

Corruption has touched every corner of our life and internet & Facebook has evolved as a powerful tool to highlight it. I am using it for reaching up to you, let use it “Sadda Haq ithe Rakh, Rakh Sala”.

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  1. Such posts need to be there… and need to be noticed and read. However, such posts also need to be very disciplined in their approach and must have the problem clearly mentioned… and the the actions taken, followed by any other suggested solution.

  2. In this post I have also mentioned the various step taken by me to highlight the problem to the top level officer, but unfortunately corruption is very under rooted, this need to be come in the media.

  3. No field is left in corruption. Officers in Govt. are only interested in salary and under table money. Though they are not doing any thing. I am sorry to say that we people are encouraging for corruption. We have to find out shortcut.

  4. Dhirendra Sir what do you mean by saying we people are encouraging, do you mean to say that we are paying under the table to serve us poison, any way Sir did u read about the effectiveness of Smritisagar ras by rasyog sagar & Lithium carbonate together

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