Bhagavad Gita on Caste System
Bhagwat Geeta on Caste System

Bhagavad Gita on Caste System

Bhagavad Gita on Caste System :

It was one fine morning, I was watching TV show, a debate cum talk show, a lady was the guest and I don’t remember the name of the show or even the lady, the lady during her interview said that even in the sacred book such as Geeta there is a mention that Shudr should serve all the above caste and she criticized sacred book for the same and even said that sacred books are designed to suppress the people of Lower Caste.


I agree with her to an extent that some people has misinterpreted Gita and have used it to suppress the people of lower cast but at the same time I was surprised and shocked as well to see how she herself misinterpreted the Gita, the reason why Gita is called Gita meaning a Rhythm is that it has a rhythm in it, it has a certain synchronization within it in term of the overall meaning, whatever the orator has said he has said that at an perfectly appropriate time, the orator however has said only a single statement but people have taken different meaning from the same, she reiterated a statement of Gita but she completely omitted the statement before and after the same verse.


In Gita Shri Krishn has said many things, he has talked about Brahman & Shatriya as well, he tells Arjun to become a Brahman, he tells him to be like a Sadhu, he tells Arjun the significance of practicing Ahinsa and at the same time he also tells Arjun to be a Shatriya and execute his enemies.


So if we think that caste is by birth so do you think Shri Krishna should have said such a mixed verse in order to confuse Shri Arjun, the whole Gita was orated to clear doubts of Arjun and not to make him more confused and if you look at the life of Shri Krishna he himself was raised up in Yadav family which is included in OBC in modern India and he remain a Yadav through out his life, even after becoming King, and we worship him as our Lord, there are so many temples of Radha and Krishna.


You can take example of any modern society or any past society or any future society, any society will have to work under the section or say subsection of caste system but caste system is not by birth, otherwise Shri Krishna would have never said to Arjun to become Brahman, You go to America or Germany you will see that Country has intellectual i.e. Scientist or philosopher, the country will have military i.e. shatriya, the country will have Businessman i.e. vaishya and the country will have Servant i.e. for eg. Myself though I am a Brahmin in term of Birth but actually I am a Shudra though I am an Engineer b’coz I work for a Vaishaya a businessman and serve him my services, I m not an intellectual b’coz I am not creating anything new in his business and at the same time I am a Brahman i.e. a Philosopher as I write on the subject of Geeta in my blog similarly if I will start my own Business than I will be also a Vaishya, it has nothing to do with my birth.


I went to germany, I observe there that all the person who are doing the low level jobs were from other countries the reason for that was that Germany has a policy that It will pay all the unemployed person a grant of 600 euro so nobody like to do a low level Job b’coz anyway they are getting good salary on a monthly basis, this appear good for a short span of time but the same will create a mess over a long time duration and coming generation will have to pay for this.


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