Casein Free Ghee

We Provide casein free ghee in India. Casein free ghee is what Indian use to manufacture since ages but we have forgotten our roots.

We have been producing casein free ghee in India at 3S Krishna Farms. We are reviving the age old tradition which was being practiced since ages but destroyed in various invasions. We feed our cows desi wheat fodder and not HYV dry fodder which causes gluten allergy to humans, we let them free range  as well as feed them leaves and grasses of non hybrid and non hyv crops , lentils and vegetables.

Our produce is 100 % casein free ghee as the owner himself has casein allergy and have started this farm to revive the age old tradition so that general population can enjoy various health benefits of ghee.

We will suggest our users who are willing to use Casein Free Ghee in India, to consume our non allergic Gluten free wheat flour, though it has gluten but it will not cause the allergy which most people now a days have on taking gluten.

Some of the excerpts regarding ghee from various Indian Texts.

Charak Samhita says:

sastam dhi smrtimedhagnibalayuhsukracaksusam 

balavrddhaprajakantisaukumarya svararthinam 37

ksataks i napar i sarpasastragniglapitatmanarn

vatapittavisonmadasosalaksm ijvarapaham 38

snehanamuttamam sitam vayasah sthapanam param

sahasraviryam vidhibhirghrtam karmasahasrakrt 3

 The texts say

ghee should be consumed daily. It strengthens the mind, memory, intelligence, and decision making.  Ghee fuels the digestion. It is good for the eyes. It supports the reproductive/productive vitality of the body. It is an excellent ‘Rasayana’ or life maintaining remedy and has been described as ‘Vayahsthapana’ or inhibiting the aging process. It makes the body strong and attractive. Ghee is good for the throat, voice, and complexion. It is good for the young as well as the old

यावज्जीवेत्सुखं जीवेत् ऋणं कृत्वा घृतं पिबेत् ।

मनुष्य जब तक जीवित रहे तब तक सुखपूर्वक जिये । ऋण करके भी घी पिये ।

from charvak darshan.

Four major lipids

सर्पिस्तैलं वसा मज्जा सर्वस्नेहोत्तमा मताः| एषु चैवोत्तमं सर्पिः संस्कारस्यानुवर्तनात्||१३||

Ghrita (clarified butter), oil (of sesame), vasa (muscle fat) and majja (bone marrow) are considered the best sneha. Among these, ghrita is superior as it possesses the qualities of samskara i.e. blending with other substances having different properties without losing its own properties. 

Charak samhita recommend s 4 type of fat to be edible, ghee, sesame oil, animal muscle fat and bone marrow fat are the four types of fats.

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