Cost of making 1 kg of ghee
how much milk is required to produce 1 Kg of Ghee

Cost of making 1 kg of ghee

What is the cost of making 1 Kg of Ghee? On the internet, most of the persons are writing that the ghee produced by the company are adulterated as they are making it avail at a price range of Rs 500 to Rs 600 per Kg.

How much milk is required to produce 1 Kg of Ghee

Critics, start from how much milk is required to produce 1 Kg of Ghee? They say 20 ltr of milk. Which is quite a realistic figure and then they say if 1 ltr of milk is 50 Rs then the minimum cost of ghee is 50 x 20 = 1000 Rs. Plus labour cost, gas cost. So they argue Ghee should be at least 1500 Rs kg or 1800 Rs per kg as on 2019. They are actually trying to fool you out.

Labour Cost

Labour cost does matter if you are producing it on a small scale of say 1 kg, but when 1 labour is used to produce 10000 Kg of ghee in a shift in a factory labour cost is negligible. Out of this 50 Ltr of milk, only a small portion of fat is removed in order to make Ghee. Rest of the milk is consumed in some other manner such as curd, milk only, as well as tea coffee. So the fat required from 50 ltr of milk for producing ghee is not actually 50 Rs. It is just a byproduct of milk because the consumer is actually paying for milk, a skimmed milk pack is generally available in 40 Rs a litre.

So now 10 x 20 = 200 Rs this could be the maximum cost plus labour plus fuel. If you are producing 1 ltr of ghee then it could be done by you yourself so it is free. Cost of fuel, if you are using gas which is 700 rs per 14 Kg in India then it will for 15 mins of cooking will be hardly 10 to 15 Rs. If you do by electric oven then also it will come around 15 Rs to 20 Rs. The rest is container, packaging and profit.

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