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My Dear Friends lets talk about Brain, most of the people we meet across India or say world will adjudge a person brain by the amount of marks he/she score in Academic exam, taking it as a guideline for intelligence person, person studying in IIT or Harvard and the doctors are judged as to be the best brains of India or the world.
One fine day I was dining with my Boss and he told me that I should try to become like Abraham Lincoln he told me that Lincoln use to travel 300 Km by cycle, this much capability you should have in you, I ask my boss: Sir can you write a poem, he became silent I told him that you can take the entire night or if you wish you can take few days but can you write a original poem by yourself, he was still silent, before he could answer I told him no you couldn’t, b’coz you don’t have the trait of a poet, so why you want me to be like Abraham Lincoln what I can do may be Abraham Lincoln can’t do, he kept quiet for the entire dinner 🙂 .
The point I want to raise here is the good marks in exam are not b’coz a person is intelligent rather the good marks show that the person has good memory but in order to be a good doctor or an Engineer, you should have the curiosity, you should have the passion, you should have the sympathy and of all the good things memory should be the last.
Today if you want to become a good fighter pilot than also you will have to pass a written exam, simply ask yourself a question if there would have been an Competitive Exam for Cricket, badminton ,car racing, poetry, fiction have we got a Sachin or Sehwag, a Sania, a Michael Schumacher Javed Akhtar or a shakespear respectively. 🙂 OM
Please Do Take Professional advice before taking any decision based on content of my blog.

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