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ravanu rathi birath raghubira. dekhi bibhishan bhayu adhira॥ Valmik Ramayan on Ram eating meat.   …
We Provide casein free ghee in India. Casein free ghee is what Indian use to …
Where is God?? Was Krishna Lying when he said the below lines यदा यदा हि …

Starting a Taxi Business in India

Starting a Taxi Business in India   Starting a Taxi Business in India is not a piece of cake anymore. Indian taxi market was attractive but it is not so attractive now, every tom dick & harry is now in this business. Anyone who doesn’t know anything can come in this line,  because of google […]

Food for depression and anxiety

Food for depression and anxiety We will talk about food for depression and anxiety in this blog but lets us understand the history of depression in ancient India. In today’s world of modern science, we consider a person who feels depressed to be suffering from mental illness. What are the symptoms of a person who […]

Bhagavad Gita on Caste System

Bhagavad Gita on Caste System : It was one fine morning. I was watching a TV show. A debate cum talk show. A lady was the guest and I don’t remember the name of the show or even the lady. The lady during her interview gave reference of Bhagavad Gita on caste system. She said that even […]

Benefits Of fasting

You can eat Yummy cheese during fasting   Benefits Of Fasting: What is fasting as said in English and pronounced as Upwas in hindi, most people will treat it as a way to keep yourself distance from food, they think that by punishing your body you are pleasing GOD, some people will not eat for […]

What Is Yoga

What is Yoga? Just RELAX the Man in the above picture is not doing Yoga. He is doing some exercise and as he himself is a confused being, so he thinks it is Yoga. If Yoga is what he is doing then every gymnast in this world is a yogi. Most of the people who […]

Founder and MD Meru Cab

In Hindu mythology, Mount Meru helped the gods and demons extract nectar during the churning of the ocean. In many ways, Meru Cabs, named after the mountain, has sped past road-weary, inefficient taxi services in India and taken metered cabs to a new level. Neeraj Gupta, Founder and MD Meru Cabs, was inspired by similar […]

Science behind feeding Bhog to Deity

I always use to ask myself a question that why we fed the statues of Deity with food, b’coz I didn’t use to see even  a drop of reduction in the volume of food offered to god. I googled it and I found out answer that was not accepted by my mind, I tried to […]

Significance Of OM

Significance of Om :  OM has a mystery attached to it, I never use to understand that why God will be so attached to a word. What is the significance of Om? I use to wonder why in yoga classes they tell us to recite OM & they use to give very interesting argument in […]

Remembering God Constantly

Shri Krishna attacking Bhishma  In Geeta lord tells Arjun that my true devotee all the time remembers me, unfortunately many of the religious group in India and other places have translated it to the meaning that my true bhakt i.e. a devotee is the one who constantly chant hare Rama hare Krishna or some other […]

Ram lessons on Management Yo Bharath

ravanu rathi birath raghubira. dekhi bibhishan bhayu adhira॥ Valmik Ramayan on Ram eating meat.   तां तथा दर्शयित्वा तु मैथिलीं गिरिनिम्नगाम्।   निषसाद गिरिप्रस्थे सीतां मांसेन छन्दयन्।।2.96.1।।   Rama showed Sita( Maithli, princess of Mithila), the river Mandakini flowing in the mountain, gratified her by glorifying the taste of the meat (to eat) and sat […]
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