Natural Room Freshener & Soap

Natural Room Freshener & Soap

Natural Room Freshener

We have been brainwashed to such an extent that in today’s era we don’t want to use plant which has their own natural smells. Like Rajniganda ( Polianthes tuberosa), Chameli ( Jasmine) and other flower plants which can fill our house with natural fresh harmless air with good smell. Instead, we use air fresheners marketed by corporates, which are nothing but filled with LPG gas, as LPG don’t have any of its own smell some further gas is added.

Why these practices are increasing because corporate know that we are lazy. We don’t want to manure the plants. We don’t want to show sun to the plants so that they blossom otherwise planting Jasmine don’t cost much. All you have to do is add some water and some manure from time to time which doesn’t cost as much as these air fresheners cost.

Same flowers can also be used during your bath. You will smell pretty good, we do exactly the same thing when we go to a spa. Unfortunately, we have become highly literate but uneducated people who have forgotten the basics of our life.

Natural Soap

We can also change our perfumed soap with reetha (soap nuts) which is a natural soap. Its tree gives lots of fruit. One tree for a building of 20 or might be even for 40 families will be good enough in case of emergency you should plant an extra reetha tree in your campus and the same reetha can also be used to wash your cloth.

Perfumed soaps are known to cause some high allergic reaction to some individuals. Corporate are playing with our desire. Our desire to look Good our desire to Smell good. 

There is nothing wrong with your desire, but to become blindfolded is something to worry about. Chemicals are everywhere even water is Di hydrogen Oxide, but we can’t drink water prepared in laboratory. We have to understand that we should not cross the “Lakshman Rekha”.





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