Plz Don’t cook oil at High Temperatures

Plz Don’t cook oil at High Temperatures

Hot Oil

Along with issue of depression I also had some issues with my skin, my skin problem dates back to when I was 13 or 14, lots of dandruff use to generate on my scalp also I had a problem of dry lips since the time I was 8 to 9 years old or may be even before that, I don’t even remember  since when I have started issues of dry lips.

It was only after I realised with the help of Bhagwat Geeta that we are eating wrong food. And when I started experimenting with foods that I found out that if I am not adding any oil to my food then my dandruff issues are being arrested within 2 to 3 days. But stopping oil was a bad bad idea, it gave me issues with my bowel movement. If I use to add unheated oil then it has odour in it if it’s a regular filtered oil, and if I use to add oil along with the  water and cook the lentils under pressure then the oil use to escape from the pressure cooker due to high pressure gradient and temperature which again use to cause issues with my bowel movement.

Later I realised that if I add oil over the lentils after it being cooked and boil it for 4 to 5 minutes then this way the oil use to get rid of its smell and at the same time the quantity of oil don’t escape from the lentils as there is no pressure gradient as boiling takes place at atmospheric condition. Boiling water temperature can’t go beyond 100 deg C at atmospheric pressure so the quality of oil don’t degrade and hence giving me the complete nutrition. This helped me to get rid of dry skin.

This was great but this led to sort of monotonous cooking as I was not able to eat any fried food, frying in modern day cookware means cooking at a very high temperature, as the temperature of propane butane gas mixture is around 1800 deg C, though a large quantity of heat is lost by conduction, convection and radiation but still the temp is high enough, also the anodised aluminium vessel used are very thin and have very high heat transfer coefficient.

So I did following changes first I bought a new seat stand which is used to keep vessel above the gas stove then increased the height of the same by almost 2 inches by welding support on it, but even after doing so oil was able to generate dandruff all over my skull, so next step I took was to put a square MS plate of almost 4 mm thickness over the stand and then placed my cooking vessel over it, it may sound like crazy stuff but it did worked finally.

We need oil in our system but not the one which is heated at such a high temperature it only leads to degradation of oil, in my case it was the issue of dandruff but in someone other case it may lead to other serious complication. In Bhagwat Geeta it has been mentioned that cooked food is good for health but overcooked food or say burned food are not ideal for health, but unfortunately we don’t learn from history.

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