Lord Ram is History or Mythology

Lord Ram is History or Mythology

Lord Ram is history or Mythology
Lord Ram is history or Mythology

Lord Ram is history or mythology

If I am a dictator what would I do to make the people of the country which I conquer my slave?

Destroy its history, it’s education system which gives them good teaching. Right from good eating habits to science to moral values.  Teach them only what I want them to know.

Make them believe that they are born to be my slave. Make them believe that our breed is superior to them. So as to reduce their potential. So that even my fore children can rule them.

“Because without education, a human is only as a bigger threat to the King as a bigger threat is a Chimpanzee.”

This is the reason we still are confused that Lord Ram is history or mythology.

Mughal & British rule

This is what Mughals and Britishers did to India. We don’t have any historical record of such a great civilization. Our ancestors use to extract mercury from mercury sulfide, but we don’t have any documentation with regard to the same.

How Loh stambh was made. Which even today is rust free though standing naked in open atmosphere in one of the most polluted cities of the world. These marvels are not possible without properly documented research.

Our Leaders

When I was young by age but old from mind I use to think we Indians are born to be a slave. Like all, I use to see is our PM and our leaders reading their speeches like school boys. Instead of expressing their natural instinct about the nation. Our athletes performing poorly in Olympics, our Engineers & MBA who don’t have the dare to start their own businesses.

Moreover, our past which teaches us that we were slaved by Mughals for 400 years ( huge time, imagine just 70 years of independence we had so far)  and then by Britishers for 200 years, and our “Chalta hai” attitude. I use to think it is in our genes, we are born to be a slave, as I too when grew older started having “chalta hai” attitude.

I use to wonder why our Army or Airforce or Navy didn’t have a revolt or say coup even after loads of Young Men dies due to poor maintenance of our Fighter aircraft, poor quality artillery and submarines. Their families are not given petrol pumps which the govt promises if a Jawan dies in the battlefield. I use to think that we are born to be a slave.

Bhagavad Gita

Now when I have read +Bhagwad Geeta and understood how wrong eating habits have made us the slave, how the wrong education system has made us slave. I am sure that the day is not far away that we be the King of this world. It will take time but it will happen for sure because our ancestor such as Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Lord Ved Vyasa and others were smart enough to pass on the secrets of our histories in the form of  Bedtime Stories. 

Which our grandparents or parents tells to their children as a lullaby being totally unaware of the actual truth. One or the other of these children will definitely crack the code. If not us than somebody else would definitely. I am damn sure.

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