Remembering God Constantly

Shri Krishna attacking Bhishma 

In Geeta lord tells Arjun that my true devotee all the time remembers me, unfortunately many of the religious group in India and other places have translated it to the meaning that my true bhakt i.e. a devotee is the one who constantly chant hare Rama hare Krishna or some other mantra, but this is not what Shri Krishna actually meant, what Shri Krishna meant was something similar to as what happens in “Lage Raho Munnabhai” ( A Bollywood Movie) where Munna Bhai always sort of think that what Mahatma Gandhiji would have done in a similar scenario.

Similar to munnabhai a true devotee of Lord krishna all the time  think of what Shri Krishna would have done in a similar circumstances, right from his eating habits i.e. eating as per science of cooking (i.e.  food as explained in Geeta, unfortunately many so called sages make it feel that satvik food as per the teachings of geeta is eating tasteless food but believe me satvik food is full of taste and aroma), to what to wear i.e. to wear as per the occasion, as you can observe Shri Krishna himself  use to look so fancy with a peacock feather on his crown, he used to dress like a King as he became a King.

Even while working a true devotee remember GOD, he don’t chant his name but instead he remembers his teachings, as Shri Krishna says that sorrow and happiness are like various seasons which comes and go, and hence we should learn to tolerate them, lord adds that you should have a balance approach in handling your responsibilities, you should be even minded in your win or loss, he further says that too much love or hate, too much of desires and anger are the worst enemy of human being and we should always try to win over these, and it could only be done by right eatingand right thought process.

Shri Krishna further adds that if we think excessively about a object, than we get attached to it and when we don’t get the object or we get obstruction in the path of getting the object, we delude our mind and become angry, we loose our sanity, which may further lead to serious losses.

All of these beautiful teachings are a platform for remembering Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna says that result of an action is not in our hand, all we can do is give our 100 % rest all will happen as per the law of nature, for eg: might be the person in front of you is better in certain aspect, than he may win if you don’t use a good strategy, as Shri Krishna beautifully quotes that if you want to win than you should have a proper strategy.

Shri Krishna further says that my devotee is active, clever, when I started to eat gfcf diet I found that still I was feeling lazy and sleepy and I feel slow mentally and sluggish, I use to question myself that shri Krishna has said that my devotee will be active & clever than why I am not feeling so, instead I use to feel that I am dumb, I use to feel that might be my case is different and I have a genetic disorder, and I will be like this only throughout my life, doctors use to make my believe more strong by giving a technical reason for it, I started to have more and more side effect of medicine which forced me again to reach out to facebook for more help, and there I found that fermented food that is sourdough and sprouted grain are answer for the same, I realized that basically we are eating dead food which don’t have any life in it, they are dry, don’t have vegetable fat or animal fat, take for example wheat and other flour and lintels they are just dry powder, they are kept in the storage for long time and they don’t get spoil, we have to covert them in to food, and that is what we are not doing right.

Om Tat Sat

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