Satvik Food as per Bhagavad Gita

Satvik Food as per Bhagavad Gita

satvik Food
Is non veg a satvik Food

How Food affects us as per Bhagwat Geeta. We the human have been made to believe that say about 200 gm of food that we eat during a day doesn’t affect us much. Hence we should always rely on the supplement and our celebrities endorse these products too. Such as, 10 mg of Revital can do wonder for you and you should eat anything and everything and after that, you can have Gelusil or Digene, but it is damn wrong.

Food affects everything that we do, right from our thinking process, our physical health to our agility. Our body can give output only if it has the right input. Shri Krishna has beautifully explained in Gita about the same for which I am going to share a few insights.

Rajasic Food 

Food that is too sour, too much bitter ( for eg: whisky, neem leaves, and anything i.e.  bitter, as they are only good as a medicine, not as a food) , too much salt, too much spicy and overcooked i.e. cooked at a very high temperature and hence looks char, too dry i.e. without any juice( this even include eating a bread/chapati alone without applying ghee or butter to them and without juice such as salt or sugar) are dear to the ones who are under the influence of Rajsic Guna, such food causes sorrow, chaos and disease in one’s life. Chapter 17 Verse 9

I have given an example here of eating chapati and bread alone as a rajsic food, why I gave this example? Because I want you people to realise that our body is a brilliant piece of a machine, better than any Honda Robot. Still everything has a limit, when we feed a loaf of bread which is not having any butter or ghee or even oil applied over it, our digestive system will not be able to burn the food to release energy as it requires fat for combustion, hence we will not be feeling energetic as no energy will be liberated.

The salt should also be present in the food as our body absorb the nutrients when it is in the form of a combination of salt and sugar, this is the reason that ORS solution is given to patients to make them feel energetic quickly.

Tamsic Food

Food that is half cooked, without any taste, which have a foul smell, stale food and leftover of others ( i.e. having saliva of other being) and which have spoiled (due to some reason such as contaminated with cockroaches or any other insect or bacteria) are the food which are prepared by the person who is under tamsic influence. Chapter 17 verse 10 Bhagwad Geeta

Satvik Food

Satvik food is defined as food that increases a person’s age, intellect, strength, immunity, and brings cheerfulness and provide a stable heart which ultimately provides a stable mind should have the following characteristics: it should be juicy i.e it should have five taste i.e. Sweet, Salty, bitter, pungent i.e. chilli, Sour i.e. something like imli, it should be lubricious i.e. it should have animal fat like ghee or vegetable oil, it should reside in the body for some time (i.e. fibrous ), and it should be acceptable to the body (i.e. it should not cause nausea, dandruff, hair fall bloating, depression, maniac or make you feel shaky etc) & this type of food is preferred by a person who is Satvik (i.e. a True Gentleman). Chapter 17 Verse 8   

Here Juicy also implies that the grain should develop some of its own natural juice because flour such as wheat, sorghum or any other are basically kept in storage for a long time. To be kept in storage for such a long time it is required to keep them dry, so they don’t spoil quickly by the microorganism present in the air. To make them acceptable to our body we should inhibit life in the flour by fermenting the flours with the help of curd, salt and milk hence generating a natural juice in them it is called sourdough and sprouting the pulses.

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