Its in our Mind

My Dear Friends do you Know what does a Temple mean, it means a place were hindu worship, very simple, that is what we do exactly.

But do you know what is the meaning of Mandir is, it is formed from two words “Man” i.e. mind and “dir” i.e. Choukhat i.e. the door, so the meaning of word mandir is door to your mind, so the word Temple is nowhere close to meaning of Mandir.

I have never visited Khajurao temple but have heard a lot about it, it’s erotic sculpture, many people laugh at them and they only talk about the erotic sculpture and they never talk about the other carvings which are present on the wall of the Mandir, which represents the other aspect of human life.

Actually i.e. the only Mandir that actually is a Mandir b’coz it reflects our mind what our mind consist of, what are the different thoughts that come across our mind. 🙂 OM

Please Do Take Professional advice before taking any decision based on content of my blog.

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