Where is God

Where is God?? Was Krishna Lying when he said the below lines

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत।
अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदाऽऽत्मानं सृजाम्यहम्।।4.7।।
*yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya glaanirbhavati bhaarata |*
*abhyutthaanamadharmasya tadaatmaanam srijaamyaham || 7 ||*
yada—whenever; yada—whenever; hi—certainly; dharmasya—of religion; glanih—discrepancies; bharvati—manifested, becomes; bharata—O descendant of Bharata; abhyutthanam—predominance; adharmasya—of irreligion; tada—at that time; atmanam—self; srjami—manifest; aham—I.

Shrimad Bhagvad Gita is just as it is most of the transalation even from Iskcon are just crap.

Problem is that we the modern Indians are hardly sanskrit literate and it has become a curse on us as most of the ancient literature is in sanskrit.

General Translation is that Whenever evil flourishes in the world, God comes to earth in any form to destroy the evil( Raakshas). Like what happens in Movies A hero appears from thin air.

When you ask that why God is not taking birth even after so much evil is going around, people say this is because the mud pot has not yet filled completly ( Ghada abhi bahra nahin hai).

People expect what they see on TV, they expect dramatics of storm heavy rain and a 1000 headed snake protecting a Kid from rain. They say that there are 9 avatars and last avataar Kalki yet to take birth and he will come destroy all the evils. Till then ram ram japo, hare raam hare krishna japo.

What were the situation in Mahabharata? what was the evil between Kauravas and Pandvas? it was property. They tried to disrobe draupadi in courtroom, they cheated in game of gamble. This was it, is this not happening now? The monster are bigger even Now. Food is being genetically modified so that corporates can make profit. So where is God?

Where is God
Where is God

So where is God? Why God is not appearing. Is the shloka false.

No my friend Shloka is 100 % right the only problem is that we are being taught wrong. Dharmasaya Galani Bharvati, when You will be filled with Galani against Dharma, Tadatmmanam, at that time within yourself srijam, create. aham myself.

The God doesn’t take place outside the God take birth inside you, and then you have to fight with whatever the limited resources you have. You Could be Brahmin(A intellectual) who writes books, A Shatriya( A warrior) if you are in the army who fight wars. A vaishya( A businessman) if you are doing some sort of commercial activity (Lord Say do business of Farming and Gaupalan, as the evil manipulates food), Shudra,( A Serving Class) Shudra doesn’t mean a person who cleans your bathroom or toilet, but it means the person who are serving a leader, be it General Manager of a Factory, Or a Soldier who Is serving King, Or a Lab Assistant of a Researcher.

You have to fight you battle to protect yourself to protect the lost humanity around you.Then if you are a Brahmin write books, write article to awaken people, As Krishna says I am Ved Vyasa among Muni ( chapter 10 verse 37), If you are SHatriye fight the war as Krishna says I m Arjuna among Panadavas( chapter 10 verse 37), I f you are businessman do the business of providing quality food. If you are a shudra serve the one who you think is doing some good to the society.

वृष्णीनां वासुदेवोऽस्मि पाण्डवानां धनंजयः।
मुनीनामप्यहं व्यासः कवीनामुशना कविः।।10.37।।
Translation: Among the Vrishnis I am Vaasudeva; among the Pandavas I am Arjuna; among the sages I am Vyasa; among the Poets I am Usanas, the poet.

But today the problem is that we have Lost everything as we have lost the language as said in Gita

एवं परम्पराप्राप्तमिमं राजर्षयो विदुः।
स कालेनेह महता योगो नष्टः परन्तप।।4.2।। (Source)
Translation: This, handed down thus in regular succession, the royal sages knew. This Yoga, by long lapse of time, has been lost here, Parantap (Arjuna’s Name).


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