Why cow why not buffalo

Why cow why not buffalo?

Why cow why not buffalo
Why cow why not buffalo


 Why Cow why not buffalo? This question has always been on my mind since the time I have been hearing that cow is considered maa in hinduism because it gives milk? Then why not buffalo considered a mother too after all most of the indian drink buffalo milk only.

 The answer to this question is economic. Our ancient ancestors not the recent one the ancient like king “Ram” & “Krishna” believed in decentralisation and self sufficiency .

 Cow on average gives 3 to 4 ltr of milk while buffalo gives 12 ltr of milk. Cows milk is sufficient for a small family. As the output is low hence Cow requires less input too in terms of fodder and less water as compared to buffalo which can be easily managed in a small farm .

 A buffalo feed comprise almost 20 kg per day with almost 100 to 150 ltrs of waterper day, while a cow will require 7 to 8 kg of fodder with very little water almost 4 to 5 ltr .

Lastly cow understand human language as compared to buffalo, like dog understand human language much better when compared to cat hence easier to manage when compared to buffalo.

And one more point since cow eats less the cow dung it produces is sufficent enough for small land (which act as food for soil ) Because more of anything is not good for anything.

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