Why we should not Cook Food in too much Oil

Science of indian cooking

Cooking of our food has given us various advantages over other species in terms of preparing the food as per our body need, for eg: suppose you are diabetic so you can cut the sugar, cooking was a great science in India but unfortunately today we have forgotten our origins as well as science of cooking.

Out of all the animals human are the only animal which processed the grain in order to makes it a food, all other animal either feed on raw juicy grain or they eat raw meat and b’coz of this different style of cooking since million of years, we will see extreme fat , thin, bald, short and tall human and rashes on skin in human  while animals look similar in terms of physique as well as looks.

There was a time in India when all the sweets were used to be manufactured using desi ghee but now a days we hardly see ghee being used in making sweets mainly b’coz of high cost of ghee as well as availability of no odor oil like soyabean oil which is actually not a original oil of India and also a mass belief in people regarding the bad effect of ghee thanks to the so called science Journal.

Now I will like to shed some light on the topic and I will like to start from the scratch, first let me ask you a question are we herbivores or carnivores or omnivores,  let say we are herbivores so what is the herb available in nature that is salty in nature by itself, or why we add salt in our diet, what will happen if all of a sudden we landed in a jungle, in order to understand this don’t eat salt for say 9 to 10 days, your body will start craving for salt, so if you are in jungle there is no other thing in nature other than blood i.e. salty in nature now we are not blood sucking animal like bat or leaches that thrive on blood but rather the traces of blood on fresh hunt is enough for us.

So I may have cleared your doubt on the fact that we are not herbivorous but it is true that we are omnivores now do one thing make sprouted grain in your home and eat it every day, try different version of sprouted grain and eat them as they are similar to living juicy grain, you may try this but I will tell you that you will find it hard to have your gut movement after few days, b’coz even after eating so much herbs you don’t have sufficient oil in your guts, now if you want to experiment outdoor how much mustard you will have to eat to generate two table spoonful of mustard oil in your gut, just imagine.

So what exactly I wanted to do here is generate a thought in your mind that though we are omnivores we don’t require so much of vegetable oil in our diet as it is not natural but yeah 1 teaspoonful per person twice a day will be good enough, as we are eating so much of herb like rice or wheat.

Among various literature available, oil which has been generated by cold press method is said to be best and they believed that higher temperature extraction of oil degrades the quality of oil, hence how it is possible to use the same oil for high temperature cooking, also the method of providing daal tadka  in India involves heating the oil just little bit so that it just liberates out the smell of the oil, but now we have completely forgotten the science.

Now comes the point of animal fat, we can generate animal fat from the milk of the animal such as Cow, Buffalo or Goat which is called Ghee or say clarified butter, now as we are omnivore i.e. a animal which survives both on herbs as well as meat, we will eat meat too, meat has its own fiber + fat + sugar of flesh+ salt of blood, so it is complete food on its own and it has the right amount of fat which is good for your gut, we require animal fat, to absorb the salt and the other nutrients of the fiber in to our system in a better way along with the nutrients of animal fat itself, similar to as we require oil to absorb the benefits of herbs in our system as well as the nutrients of oil itself.

So do we require to feed on animal meat always? No, here comes again the advantage of cooking, as our body changes with time, the changes are not external only, our body changes internally as well, so we can change the amount of nutrients to be fed to our body by means of changing fiber choosing softer fiber such as buckwheat on weekends or some weekdays, salt by means of using rock salt or sea salt as well as applying less or more Ghee over our food, or choosing ghee of a different animal in alternate days.


I hope I am able to convey my points 🙂 Om. 




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