Four Asharms of our Life

Vanprastha Ashram
Four Generation
What are the four Asharams of a being in life, it has been stated in hinduism as :
  1. BrahmaCharya Ashram
  2. Grihastha Ashram
  3. Vanprastha Ashram
  4. Sanyas Ashram
You will meet many or might be few people all across the globe who will say that he/she is master or has somewhat knowledge about these 4 stages of life as per Hinduism, they say nowadays nobody practices these stages, but I say by default most of the beings practice only this perspective. Well these people have a certain perspective about the four Ashrams but my perspective is very different compare to them, you can search for their perspective on google but I will write what I think about these 4 ashrams in a being life.
Most of the people say it has been designed for male only, but I believe India’s adhyatma is for individual and not for male/female or even just Human, we have Matasya (Fish) as well as Narsingh ( Half Man Half animal) avtaar i.e. enlightened species as well.
What is Brahm it is nothing but Myth, I don’t know about you but I have observed myself as a child and I also observe other children, a child remains in his/her own world, he/she will talk to himself /herself, talk to their toys, act in a room all by themselves, they lives in a complete illusion and this will continue up to age of 10 to 12 and after that we will observe them blushing, confused, too much focused changing their friends, not sure about their love, feeling that love happens only one time, eating anything that taste good but which might not be good for them, not listening to their parents considering their parents to be their enemy, all this is a clear indication that they live in a world of myth and this stage surround them till the age of around 25. This stage is called Brahmacharya Ashram.
Around the age of 25 people want to settle down, they want to have their own family, plan for their future, they want to plan for their Kids, they understand their parents what are the sacrifices made by their parent. This is called Grihastha Ashram.
Third stage is the stage of Vanprastha, around the age of 50, now many people say it to be that people should go and live in forest. Is it really possible to go to the forest and live, that too for a person who has lived first 50 years of his life in a civil society? Here comes again the point that we consider our ancestor to be idiot, my dear friend it was not meant for going to the forest, instead it must have been meant for eating fresh food, eat fresh green leafy vegetables, eat fresh meat of small animal, b’coz they are easily digestible and give some important nutrient which even the modern scientific community is not able to determine and will never ever be able to determine, b’coz the scientific knowledge of this universe is infinite, we have only reached Mars and we don’t know how many galaxies are there.

After the age of around 75 comes the stage of Sanyas Ashram, people say that at this stage person should only worship god, but here again things fall in to place by itself, people are themselves not interested in the worldly pleasure as people have become too old and more often then not a person is concerned about his own health, even after eating fresh food many of our health deteriorates at such a old age and we stop eating food, start living in our own world, it happens by it self.

So in every corner of the world this practices are being followed, it is not any Hindu thing but a common factor in the life of an individual. 🙂 Om

Please Do Take Professional advice before taking any decision based on content of my blog.

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