Hybrid Foods are Bad for Health

Hybrid Foods are Bad for Health

Hybrids Foods are Bad for Health

In this optimistic world where everything is just fine I would like to write about cruelty we are doing to another species in the planet Earth called as Plant.

In the name of feeding millions of another species “HUMAN”  we have produced hybrids vegetables, grains even fruits, chillies and even the cow fodder. Producing hybrid is not bad actually.

Like if an American weds an Indian and they have a offspring than there is nothing wrong in it. The problem arises when everytime an American weds an Indian and everytimes so happens that the offspring so  produced is a Sterile, which wont be able to reproduce true self. Sort of impotent. Then isn’t there is something wrong in this method. Human can speak but who will speak for plants, they can’t speak, they can’t write and they even dont move. So we can’t even observe their agility.

But afterall we are humans, we are intelligent we have device a method. Though the hybrids are dwarf compared to heirloom variety the yield is more hence proven that whatever we are doing is good.

Hybrids Crops are Yokozuna Of Plant

Hybrids Foods are Bad for Health
Hybrids Crops are Yokozuna Of Plant

If there was a species that primar food was  human what will be its objective? It will be to produce every human like Yokozuna because the yield of flesh is more, but is really Yokuzuna a healthy Human. Yokuzuna WWE wrestler himself died at a young age of 34. So he was not healthy. We can’t be healthy by eating something unhealthy. This is what we are doing as well, Hybrids Crops are Yokozuna Of Plant.

What we are considering as high yield variety is not actually a healthy choice. Hybrids Crops are Yokozuna Of Plant, that looks bulky, chubby, but we know fatty people are not healthy. 

We are all aware that how wheat which has been staple food for human beings for 1000s of year  has suddenly become a main villain in every second illness. Infact every grain has, as can be observed in various new diet form such as paleo, atkins, keto as well as carnivore diet. All are against carbohydrate which basically comprises of grain. Unfortunately today all the grains and vegetable are hybrids. These raises question that whether Hybrid Foods are bad for health. 

All the celebrity are talking about gluten free diet to avoid bloating and other health related issues, but unfortunately this is not the first line of advice given to general public by the doctors.

I knew I was allergic to gluten, so I tried to replace it with rice. But I  was still feeling very week even after eating rice twice a day along with lentils and vegetables.  I have made up my mind no matters what happen I will not take medicine. Because I already took medicine for 18 years and now I started vomiting every seconday day. I started coughing heavily and vomiting while coughing since last two years. I started reading various sort of books  and articles online as well as offline. I questioned myself why shouldn’t I try indeginious Indian Rice and volla I started feeling energetic not like superman though, but yes started feeling Normal vomiting gone. I became damn sure that Hybrid Foods are Bad for health.

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