Benefits Of fasting

Benefits Of fasting

You can eat Yummy cheese during fasting


Benefits Of Fasting: What is fasting as said in English and pronounced as Upwas in hindi, most people will treat it as a way to keep yourself distance from food, they think that by punishing your body you are pleasing GOD, some people will not eat for 9 days, some ps**cho person will not eat for months, But God in Bhagvat Geeta tells that it neither take the sin or the goodness of the people, so what exactly is fasting during a week.

It is indeed a way of providing your body with the different nutrients which you are not getting in daily diet, so what was the practice, the practice actually comprises of eating food that you don’t eat in normal days, like eating Singhare Ka atta (Water chest nut), kuttu Ka atta (Buckwheat), Rajgiri ka atta(Amaranth), Sendha namak(Rock Salt), vegetables, Paneer (Cheese), Dahi i.e. curd, fruits as well as if you could change the oil also, so as to fed the body with the nutrients which you are deprived of as well as the fibre of Singhare Ka atta and others are very soft as they are fibre of fruit, hence easily absorbed by the body and the same process is continued for continuous 9 days after a interval of each six months in the navratris, if you will practice it and you are already healthy than chances are that you will not have to take any artificial food suppliment.

What are the three basic needs of a good food are, first is that it should be juicy i.e. it should have taste of Sweet, Sour, Salt, Spicy, bitter out of these 5 taste one i.e. salty prevails in our diet, second aspect is that food should have fibre as we add bread or Chapatis, third aspect is it should have animal fat i.e.( Clarified butter) over the chapatis or bread made of any flour, which is somewhat similar to the concept of ketonic diet to add more fat in diet, another aspect is that in nature whatever is readily available as a food is generally sweet in nature for eg: orange though sour is sweet i.e. sweetness is the prevailing factor out of the two hence even though we eat salty food we should eat something sweet such as Jagger or some sweet b’coz a combination of all these completes your digestion process, absence of any one thing may not cause immediate repercussion but will have it repercussion later on. One more thing that should be taken care of is that all that you add to your food is suitable to you in term of allergy, for eg: A sugar patient have to take limited sugar, Gluten intolerant can’t take gluten etc.


Their is another aspect to fasting and that is we don’t eat any thing which don’t have their own natural juice for eg lentils i.e. Daal or take for incidence wheat or corn flour that are dry, are not consumed during fasting days, on personal front I even eat non vegetarian food but only of small animal such as fish or Chicken, you can search for paleo diet in order to understand the concept of how fasting has evolved in our culture, basically these methods are incorporated by the enlightened human,though it is not exactly similar, but at least somewhat similar, the whole idea is to eat fresh food and not food which are capable of storage for long time.

Please understand the food is the main input your body has, if fuel is not right, the body, physically as well as mentally will not work, for eg: you can’t expect Jaguar Car to perform by adding Kerosene in its fuel tank medicine can only perform as a good quality oil but the fuel has to a good food. 🙂 OM


Please Do Take Professional advice before taking any decision based on content of my blog.

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  1. Nice article! This definitely gave me a better understanding about the benefits of fasting. Thanks a lot for posting!

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