Why onion is not eaten during fasting

Why onion is not eaten during fasting
Why onion is not eaten during fasting
Why onion is not eaten during fasting?
There is so much of misinformation regarding fasting that I always use to scare away from fasting. My mother and other elderly members of my family use to tell me that fasting means you should only eat fruits and no salt. Some of the members use to do so. Some even told me that we should eat only once in a day during fasting, they also told me that satvik food is totally tasteless food.
But it was not their fault they were also told by someone about the same in a similar manner. I googled it and I found so many answers. But non satisfied my mind, b’coz “Geeta”  talks about moderation in everything right from food to thought process. It doesn’t want to act you as a fool, but what I found out in google it was sort of suggesting that only fool practice fasting, because they have made it so laborious.
So many ifs and buts, food is not for taste and you should not enjoy the pleasure of your senses such a rubbish. In “Geeta” Shri Krishn continuously ask Shri Arjun to enjoy the Kingdom, to enjoy the wealth and he tells Arjun that food should be pleasing to your body in every aspect and Shri Krishn himself lead his life in so much leisure and he even told the secret of that in “Geeta” so how can he ask his “Fan” to live their life in so much of misery. Similarly Whenever I use to ask my parents regarding Why onion is not eaten during fasting? I  got answere like onion is called Tamsik food. Iwas not satisfied by these answer.

 Now coming back to the topic if you look at our food our food basically comprises of many spices and if I just concentrate on onion and garlic they have a very potent use in ancient medical science of India, both garlic and onion are used as medicine, now we shouldn’t consume medicine regularly or understand it this way too much of anything is bad for you, another way I look at it is that of all the vegetables we purchase, only onion and garlic are kept outside the refrigerator, they don’t spoil quickly, they remain intact for 2 to 6 months respectively, or rather say the micro organism which are always present in the air and are capable of even rotting your body when you are dead are not able to rot these two vegetable easily.
For this reason or say somewhat similar reason turmeric is also not used during fasting, they are helpful no doubt about it, but they don’t add much to the taste and are used in very minute quantity, we add only a few staples of garlic or pinch of turmeric for cooking of four people. But they have significant medicinal effect on our gut and prevent the growth of excess of micro organism in our gut. The west is still doing research on whether to use turmeric in food or not and they are still working hard to know the good effect of garlic because they as well as we think that our ancestor were idiot and we are cool.
Earlier in my blog I have covered a similar topic discussing Significance of Fasting, in that topic I have discussed that why we should be eating fresh vegetables, as well as chapatis made up of Fruit flour such as water chestnut during upwas (Fast) go through it as well for better use of fasting for your as well as your family members good health. I hope you have understood that why onion is not eaten during fasting.

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