Science behind feeding Bhog to Deity

I always use to ask myself a question that why we fed the statues of Deity with food, b’coz I didn’t use to see even  a drop of reduction in the volume of food offered to god. I googled it and I found out answer that was not accepted by my mind, I tried to forget it but don’t know why in my subconcious I was thinking for it.
Thanks to lot of mediums today available to us like TV, internet, thanks to my upbringing in India and thanks to Shri Ved Vyas and Shri Krishn the author and narrator respectively of Shri Bhagwat Geeta , I concluded that everything which animals other than human eat in natural state has life in it, whether you talk about the herbivores or you talk about the carnivore, but man eat dead grain and lints (daal) and legumes(seed eg Rajma) and we cook it at high temperature, so even if our food has some microrganism it dies at a high temperature of pressure cooker or if we don’t heat under pressure cooker than the prolonged heating of the food under significant temperature kills the micro organism, but if we eat by the principal of cook and serve than we are eating very hot food which is totally dead food i.e. no micro organism at all, now have you heard about the curd and good effect of it, what it is? A bunch of billions of bacteria, yes micro organism that’s what I am talking about, good bacteria or say the enzymes which scientist are not able to produce in their labs.
Now what is good bacteria, yakult say it probiotic drink has 6.5 billion good bacteria in it, but hold on I am not asking you to keep your food that long, as long as we keep milk so that it becomes curd, but as said in “Bhagwat Geeta” that ” Food should neither be too hot or too cold”, b’coz in either case the microorganism will not grow,  the moment you cook your lints, let it cool down and be just warm and let your chapatis be also little cold, b’coz micro organism are always present in the air, the moment your chapatis will cold enough for them to settle and multiply they will grow and in this way you will be eating a live food and all this doesn’t take much time the process is very quick as the heat and water has already made the cook stuff easy to metabolise, now please don’t go by the Jainism philosophy i.e. if it will have microbes I can’t hurt them. B’coz it is the law of the nature and acknowledging the law of nature is being practical in life
Now again talking about chapatis, chapatis are made from generally wheat, millet, sorghum  flour etc each of them have a bran over it, this bran is some what similar to husk of a fruit suppose take for eg: mango now do you eat mango or do you eat mango husk, don’t be irritated 🙂 , the answer is yes I eat Mango pulp and not the husk, now to do something similar in the case of wheat it is not possible to remove husk of all the grains of wheat, so what should we do, the answer is simple, our ancestors use to do it but we have forgotten to do the same b’coz we have learned the art of cooking but forgotten the science of cooking, did u get it, no ok I will tell you its called Khamir in Hindi and fermentation in English, or say we should prepare the sourdough of the wheat or whatever the flour is if it is of a grain, this process will naturally break the husk of the grain and put your digestive track on ease.
Now please dn’t be arrogant and think ” Whatever” or “कुछ नहीं होता यार ” b’coz as long as our digestive system is intact we are healthy but our body is aging and it can backfire at anytime b’coz of the wrong food habits. 🙂 Om
Please Do Take Professional advice before taking any decision based on content of my blog.

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