Science of Sourdough and not eating too hot or too cold

Science of Sourdough and not eating too hot or too cold

I always use to ask myself a question that why we fed the statues of Deity with food, b’coz I didn’t use to see even  a drop of reduction in the volume of food offered to god. I googled it and I found out answer that was not accepted by my mind, I tried to forget it but don’t know why in my subconscious I was thinking for it.
Thanks to lot of mediums today available to us like TV, internet, thanks to my upbringing in India and thanks to Shri Ved Vyas and Shri Krishn the author and narrator respectively of Shri Bhagwat Geeta , I concluded that everything which animals other than human eat in natural state has life in it, whether you talk about the herbivores or you talk about the carnivore, but man eat dead (or say dry) grain and lentils (daal) and legumes(seed eg Rajma) i.e. a grain that has been rooted up and dried and stored for long period of time. They don’t spoil quickly.
Chapatis or say bread are made from generally wheat, millet, sorghum  flour etc each of them have a bran over it, this bran is some what similar to husk of a fruit like mango now do you eat mango or do you eat mango husk, of course , the answer is yes I eat Mango pulp and not the husk.
Now just sit back and think for a while, which state of India was one of the most prosperous state of India, which state has provide us maximum revolutionaries? A state whose men and women are tall and healthy? It was Punjab my friend, what was the diet they had? Tandoori roti, Nan, Bhature all these were made out of maida, some had 100% maida and some like tandoori roti has 25 to 50% maida but all  were made up of sourdough and today we are being taught that maida is bad for health. Maida indeed in bad for health only if it has been made with the help of some chemicals, which generally the companies are adding to fasten up the process of bleaching. Our ancestors use to ferment the dough with the help of curd and the process of fermentation of dough was called as Khamir in Hindi and sourdough in English,  this process will naturally break the husk of the grain and put your digestive track on ease, plus also generate life in whats is actually a dead food.
Now please don’t be arrogant and think ” Whatever” or “कुछ नहीं होता यार ” b’coz as long as our digestive system is intact we are healthy but our body is aging and it can backfire at anytime b’coz of the wrong food habits.

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  1. I must say that I enjoy your blog, thanks for all this well researched material.


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