Where to find a enlightened person

Where to find a enlightened person

where to find a enlightened person
Buddha, An enlightened person

You can find a plenty of Guru in the market right from the local astrologer near by your house or  national Guru like Asharam or international Guru like Ramdev and Sri Sri RaviShankar, but where to find a enlightened person, a person whom Sri Krishna said he is my mirror image and he is available in all Yug i.e. all ages where can you find a Guru like that. Please don’t think of trying to go to Himalayas to search him, he will be among us only. Shri Krishna tells Shri Arjun that

“Out of 1000 people only 1 tries to know me and out of those 1000 who tries to know me only 1 knows me”.

That means only 1 in a million realise God, similar to the quote of buddhist monk in the above picture, so the answer is very simple, it is written in Geeta itself that it is very rare that you can find a person like that, the one who really knows about the God actually never comes in front because he knows that people are ignorant and they will not listen to him, for eg: Shri Ved Vyas the author of Bhagwat Geeta and Mahabharatha didn’t boasted about his enlightenment but he very cleverly hinted the same in Bhagwat geeta when Shri Krishna tell to Shri Arjun that “Among saint I am Ved Vyas” and also Shri Krishna doesn’t tell Shri Arjuna who was his closest friend about the Knowledge of Geeta during his early days, it is only when Shri Arjuna begs for wisdom in front of Shri Krishna that he grant him the knowledge.

Further Shri Krishn tells Shri Arjun that ” It is very rare to find someone who sees his self (i.e the English for Atma) as a wonder, someone who describe it as a wonder and someone who hear it as wonder and Some even after hearing it are unable to understand the same”.

So Where to Find an enlightened Person ?

Truth is Our expectation of a enlightened person is actually totally wrong, we expect him to be a miraculous who will defy all the laws of the nature. As we see in TV, who can fly, who can bring a dead man alive, who is not attracted toward the opposite sex. We want him to be like Jesus who was crucified on a cross or we want him to be Krishna who lifted the mountain on his small finger, we don’t expect a Enlightened Man to show us the mirror that we are hitting axe on our own leg, the water has lost it sweetness, fish are contaminated with mercury and the list goes on and on, we don’t want  to see the God in Arvind Kejriwal who almost did a miracle by removing the Delhi government, similar to what Shri Ram did by challenging the might of Ravan with the help of few Monkeys. Om 🙂

So Where to Find an enlightened Perso? He is near you only but whether you have the senses to identify him is a bigger question.

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