Brahma Temple

Brahma Temple

The Lord Of myth Shri Brahma

Who is Brahma

In my childhood, I always use to wonder that why  Brahma the god give all his blessing to the devils. I use to wonder why the hell does all the devil worship only Brahma or Shiva. Why can’t they worship Vishnu? and be immortal. Why there is no Brahma temple? I  asked these question to my elders but their answer never satisfied me.

With time,  I realised that Brahma is nothing but the Lord of myth Brahma. The very reason because of which one sex is attracted toward the opposite sex. The myth due to which people take care of their child. A myth due to which we are less attracted towards an old than compare to a newborn.

The myth is the governing principle of the world without the existence of myth this world will not progress. The myth is required, but it should not be worshipped. This is the reason there is no Temple for Brahma in India except for a temple in Pushkar.

Asur i.e. the human being with evil deeds worship this myth. They indeed are successful, by tremendous dedication, hard work & intelligence they develop something by virtue of which they can’t be killed in certain conditions. Though these Asur may enjoy the temporary benefit of heaven by their hard work & controlling their senses (Indriya) i.e. the God Indra, they will not be able to be in heaven for always.

“Hiranaya Kashyap” was a King described in Ancient text who by worshipping Brahma i.e. by worshipping myth i.e. by  tremendous dedication, hard work & intelligence developed something by virtue of which he can neither be Killed in Water, Land or Air, he can’t be killed by any Beast or a Man, he can’t be killed by any weapon, he thought that now he is immortal, but the mother nature created a new species called Narsingh that is neither a Man nor a Beast or a animal but a Half man and a half beast. The King was killed by Narsingh on his lap i.e. neither on Water, Land or on Air with the help of his nails i.e. not a weapon.

So the moral of the story is that whatever you do it has to be in accordance with the laws of the nature otherwise if you will not take this fact in to account than though you may enjoy temporary benefit of heaven by your hard work & controlling your senses (Indriya) i.e. the God Indra , you will not be able to be in heaven  for always.

Four Heads Of Brahma

Lord Brahma has been carved out to be an old man with four heads. Representing the dilemma inside the person who is under the influence of Brahma. The person under his influence doesn’t have a steady mind and feels old and exhausted.

The myth is very subtle that’s the reason why Brahma is resting on a lotus flower. Sarwasti i.e. the goddess of Knowledge stabilises the person under the influence of Brahma. That’s why Saraswati is always accompanying Lord Brahma.

Brahma is everywhere even Shri Vishnu can’t escape from his influence i.e. the reason why Shri Ram (A Vishnu) abandon his wife after his exile in the forest. But the impact of Brahma over Vishnu is very minimal that’s the reason why Brahma is shown on the navel of Shri Vishnu.

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