Who is Lord Vishnu

Who is Lord Vishnu
Who is Lord Vishnu?

“Shri Vishnu”  is the most charming character in the Indian Scripture, ever smiling. He is lying over a big snake with 1000s of head and uses the snake’s body as the bed. Goddess of wealth is constantly accompanying him & serving him at his feet. You may found it to be very unusual, but please read on.

Sheshnag of Lord Vishnu

The coil of this big snake as I have realised with the blessing of the Almighty. Through meditation, by a chance :), is the symbol of the governing phenomenon of this world.  A principle which can crush many in its coils.

Coils “representing the various vicious circles of life”. A simple man who no matter may have many good deeds will be crushed as he turns weak. The 1000 mouth of the snake denotes the thousands of personnel who are always ready to eat an emotionally weak person in order to feed their desires.

A snake doesn’t even spare its offspring, its mate or its caretaker. Something similar happens in child foeticide, extramarital affairs or say old age home. But my lord is laying on the same & always smiling.

Lord Vishnu Wisdom as Life Boat

Shri Krishna tells to Arjun that “By using Wisdom as your boat u can cross this life cycle which resembles the magnitude of the ocean”. This is the reason why Vishnu is shown in the centre of the ocean. 

He is said to be the saviour of the entire mankind, as his philosophies which have been mentioned in text such as “Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta” are so potent that make an emotionally weak person competitive to combat the atrocities of the world. The goddess Laxmi serving at his feet denotes the dominance of Vishnu in order to accumulate as well as manage the wealth without letting the wealth bothering him in terms of ego, greed & fear. No IIM graduate can match his managing skills.

Various Avtaar of Vishnu has been mentioned in ancient Indian Scripture. To name a few “Ram”, “Krishna”,  Matasya Avtaar” i.e. in the form of Fish, “Narsingh Avtaar” i.e. in the form of a species that is neither a Man nor a Lion but a mixture of two breeds. The moral of these stories will be applicable to every era.

When will Vishnu take birth as a human

In Krishna Avatar Shri Krishna narrated Bhagwat Geeta. You must have heard a shloka from the same.

यदा यदा ही धर्मस्य ग्लानिर भवति भारत

अभ्युत्थानम् धर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजंमह्यम  chapter 4 Verse 7 Bhagwat Gita

This verse has been translated in to meaning that “whenever there would be an increase in sin in the world then at that time I (i.e. God) will manifest myself in order to destroy the evils”. I use to question myself a lot in my teenage that all across the world there is terrorism, innocent people are being killed by a terrorist, women are being raped in front of their family members. How much more sin should occur for God to take birth.

I never use to get a proper answer for this by my family members and friends. When I learned about world wars in which 6 billion people were killed. India-Pakistan partition which saw lots of innocent people being killed. I didn’t use to believe the above quote of Bhagwat Gita.


Later with the help of meditation and blessing of almighty. I realised that this aura takes birth inside you. When you think that you can’t take enough of all this. When you feel suffocated as Arjun was feeling, as Buddha felt as Samrat Ashoka felt, then mother nature creates the aura inside you.

This aura cleanses the garbage that has accumulated inside you. Of course, you require the guidance of philosophies of Gita or say philosophies of Buddha. More than Buddha I prefer Gita as I found it very sensible that if you are not happy with your family, you can’t be happy alone too.

“Bhagwat Geeta” i.e. ” A Divine Rhyme” as it so beautifully said. It has a rhyme in it teachings i.e. it has flow not because it is a poem but because what has to be said at what point is taken care of so beautifully in the text,  and hence the name.


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