How Human are different from animal


difference between humans and animals
They are Just amazing and so are we 🙂

The topic might sound strange to you, but most of us take animals for granted, we think they are idiots and they think that we are idiots 🙂 as we are the only species which milk them and drink their milk and also eat dead and dried food while they eat green juicy herbs and shrubs.

Have you ever observed how well your dog understand everything that you tell to it, it even understand how to behave with each individual of your family, whom to listen and whom to ignore, or have you observed how birds make the nest or the ants work in tandem to pick a body of dead insect or sugar or how the birds navigate in the sky thousands of Km or how the dolphins act, the list just goes on and on.

They do something really marvelous but they don’t have the skill to document it, I mean monkeys have hand and it can do many stuff better than the best gymnast human has ever produce but it can’t write and similarly it can’t communicate with help of words they do can generate certain voices but they are limited they don’t have vocals as human.

This ability to write and to communicate is what make us superior to the other animal as we can communicate the details better than any other animal, b’coz of this communication we can plan better, we can read what Newton has said even after 300 years and can utilise the same for our betterment, we can read what Buddha has said  after 2500 years and what Shri Krishna has said even after billion of years and can use the same for our enlightenment.

This is the reason in Indian spiritual text there is mention of Matasya Avatar i.e. Fish  and Narsingh Avatar half Man half Lion which indicate that even the other species can achieve the state of enlightenment.

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